Referat Wirtschaftsforum Toggenburg, 9. November 2012

Am 9. November 2012 habe ich am Wirtschaftsforum Toggenburg in Ebnat-Kappel einige Thesen und Beispiele präsentiert, wie Social Media die Art, wie Unternehmen mit Kunden interagieren, verändern wird.

Ausschnitt St. Galler Tagblatt

Den ganzen Artikel aus dem St. Galler-Tagblatt findet sich hier.

Fragen beantworte ich gerne – am einfachsten per Mail.

Hier kann man die Folien runterladen:

  • Keynote (Originaldokument, perfekt formatiert) (ca. 22 MB)
  • PowerPoint (exportiert, Schriftarten unter Umständen problematisch) (ca. 15 MB)
  • pdf (ca. 15 MB)

Das Referat basiert zu einem Teil auf dem empfehlenswerten Buch von Brian Solis: The End of Business as Usual

2 Kommentare

  1. Myaisha sagt:

    Appreciate the TED talk. Saw the study when it came out, great data for support. One comnmet I struggled with in your talk though: …..Probably not the result of a top down approach….not a conspiracy… If the „top“ creates a system that they know will configure and grow itself in a certain way, particularly because they control the main mechanism through which it „runs“ (fiat paper debt systems ), and control most of the information flow for 99% of the participants in the system including even overseeing almost all the education systems….and control the militaries and police forces and disarm the public, and spray aerosols in the air and genetically modify the food supply and people, it would seem the system becomes quite predictable? The very tiny % of people that step out of line from the all day long droned official narrative of how life works are actually disposed of. The „top“ is not involved in pulling any gun triggers or laying waste to anyone’s reputation directly by their own hands of course, they have people and systems in place for that. Systems so well conceived that the sheep pull triggers on one another to the amusement of their unseen „handlers“. They sprinkle money where they want and the 8B less-then-coherent participants follow those crumbs quite predictably when they are in a perpetual state of fear. When those same handlers run the military and police it takes a certain amount of pain for the herd to act unpredictably. We are at that point it seems though. In the meantime, the system will simply be adjusted to have the masses achieve the desired results for the handlers, or by forcing that same conclusion by force if necessary, economic or cultural presssure type forces or simply guns, e.g. the world is down to only two nations that dare not paritcipate in the Rothschild centralized banking system – Iran and Syria….no more Libya, Iraq, etc.). He who owns the money owns much it seems….So yes, I am surprised by your comnmet for sure. To the awakening.

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